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The Problem
To get to the point within the allotted time.
The Situation
Wherever effective communication is needed.
Business presentations, Meetings, Round tables, Panel discussions,
Workshops, Interviews, Media appearances, Conventions.
The Solution
Is in your hands with The Clock to the Point.
Time control, Effectiveness, Image Enhancer.
The Clock to the Point
  • Provides reliable control of your speaking time. 
  • Flexible time settings according to your personal needs. Like a clock.
  • Constant use - no prerequisite of external support.
  • Enables the training of your speeches any time and anywhere.
    Wherever you want to.
And above all: The respect of your audience !
Foto_1.jpg How does it work ?
Simple. Input the requisite time interval. Push the start button. Speak.
The result
The Clock to the Point provides feedback about the
remaining time:
  • With the aid of large, counting time indicators..
  • And colored LEDs just like a traffic light.
    • Green (towards conclusion)
    • Yellow (wrap up)
    • Red (finish now)